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Delivering retail technology training solutions for over 20 years

Our Focus

The MacLaren Group has been the leading provider of retail technology training and deployment solutions in North America for over 20 years.
Our vast experience has allowed us to work with over 40 different retail systems.

Our Proven Model

Our experience shows that a successful new system implementation is dependent on a well-planned training strategy and execution.  
Our proven model ensures support through the entire process from preparation to roll-out and provides on-going support for new employees.

Custom Built Web Based Training Courses.  Built with your branding, logos, and company culture. Ideal for (1) Preparation prior to go-live, (2) Resource for new entrant training.

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Attractive, easy to use custom materials that will be built from scratch that incorporates your policies, process, systems and hardware.  Highly skilled trainers to complete workshop training.

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Our Deployment Team of over 70 trainers will provide on-site support during the go-live day(s). This includes Quality Assurance of the install, training, technical support and end of day process training.

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An on-line job aid. Step-by-step instructions of how to complete all transactions using the software and/or hardware. This is a wonderful tool after go-live for reference.

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Web Based Training

We provide custom built courses that contain interactive real world simulations that are engaging, attractive, and easy to use.

This is NOT point and click but a full replication of your system, all the while incorporating your history and culture.

Built with your branding and logos, incorporating the look and feel of the company and culture.


On-Site Sessions with Custom Materials

Our team of experienced and certified facilitators will deliver workshops on your behalf to Site Managers/Key Staff. This will ensure a consistent message and avoid impeding internal staff during a busy transitional period.

We can also provide train-the-trainer workshops that will ensure your internal trainers have the knowledge and skills to deliver the training appropriately, with fully scripted Facilitator Guides providing the path.

We provide attractive, easy to use custom materials, built from scratch that incorporate your policies and procedures. These include reference and leader guides, exercise books and job aids.

Go-Live Support

On-Site Training & Deployment

Our Deployment Team of over 70 trainers across North America will provide on-site support during the go-live day(s). This includes Quality Assurance of the install, training, technical support and end of day process training.

We will be on-site for your entire work day. If that is 9am-10pm we will be there. This is what we do and have done for over 100 clients.

On-Going Assistance

Exclusive eSupport Tools

An on-line job aid built specifically for your needs. There are two versions of MacLaren’s proprietary software.

The first is How Do I?, this provides step-by-step instructions of how to complete all transactions for the software and/or hardware. Best practices, training simulations and screenshots are included. The second is U-Fix It, includes step-by-step instructions, photos and videos. Usually pertaining to cleaning and maintaining equipment.

Both are wonderful tools after go-live for reference and quick answers to frequently asked questions. This will decrease help desk calls and down-time with devices such as Kiosk, SCO, or Cash Recycler. Essential to stress-free day-to-day use of the software and/or hardware.

The MacLaren Team

Development Team

The MacLaren Group has an in-house development team of 12 people based in Toronto, Canada. These include writers, designers and developers. We do not out-source any of our products. They are all built custom for your needs and requirements.

Delivery Team

The MacLaren Group has over 70 trainers with proven systems implementation and strong technical backgrounds.  Located across North America they provide traditional workshops or on-site support for the critical Go-Live of your new system. 

Our Strategic Partners

Our Business Partners trust and rely on MacLaren to make their client deployments a success.


McDonald's Canada


McDonald’s (Canada) needed to launch Compris POS across the country to support the launch of a new product.

Business Need

Required 14 trainers ready in two weeks. Needed to mobilize with heavy immersion and cross-training to ensure knowledge of business processes and culture.


Each location received 3 days of on-site support. This included: database set-up, training, Go-Live day support


Successfully rolled out new POS to 1,300 McDonald’s restaurants, including bilingual training at 400 Quebec sites.

“Quality of work, dedication to the task at hand; market leaders in what they do. ABSOLUTELY; I cannot recommend them highly enough.”

Bernie Drumm, National Store Systems, Deployment Manager​


BJ’s Wholesale Club


BJ’s realized the ROI potential of Glory’s Cash Automation solution. Required all stores rolled out before Fiscal Year End.

Business Need

Required 215 stores to be rolled out in 6 weeks. Significant change management requirements and business process updates.

Solution - Trainer Preparation

Preparing the trainers included: Web Based Training, Webinars, creating Leader's Guide, conducting Train the Trainer Workshop, outlining Change Management strategy.

Solution - On-Site

Successfully rolled out entire 215 store chain in 6 weeks. Installed and trained 40 stores per week with 3 days of on-site Go-Live training across all locations.

Solution - Project Management

Project Management was a large part of the successful rollout. This included: pre-call, utilizing the Teamwork App while on-site, realtime updates across the chain, store reports, checklists and follow-up calls with each location.


The BJ’s rollout was a huge success with all stores utilizing Glory's Cash Automation solution within 6 weeks. In fact, one of our Business Partners was working with BJ’s following this and the topic of training came up. BJ's requested they use MacLaren. Our Partner replied that would not be a problem, as they rely on us as well!

Our Clients

We have trained over 100 different retailers in 22 countries.  
We cover all verticals within the retail space including, quick service and retail banking.

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