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        Our Industry Experience Opens Doors to Strategies

As you shop for a training solution, consider whether the team available for hire has experience working in your industry.

Every MacLaren team member has comprehensive work experience that provides us with insight into your company culture and objectives. Our experiences have heightened our ability to collectively foresee potential pitfalls and provide smart strategies.

When we create solutions, we are not basing them on theory only. We are taking what we've learned in your industry and applying it to your customized training solution.

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CD ROM & Web Based Training

We provide custom built modules that contain interactive real world simulations that are engaging, attractive, and easy to use. This is NOT point and click but a full replication of your system, all the while incorporating your history and culture.


Hands-On Facilitation

Our professional team of experienced and certified facilitators who are well versed on retail systems will deliver the workshops on your behalf to the Store Managers/key staff. This will ensure a consistent message and allow you to avoid bogging down internal staff during a busy transitional period.

We also provide train-the-trainer workshops that will ensure your internal trainers have the knowledge and skills to deliver the training appropriately, with fully scripted Facilitator Guides providing the path.

Custom Tailored Workbooks

Attractive, easy to use custom materials that will be built from scratch that incorporates your policies, process, systems and hardware.

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