Information Technology
MacLaren Group Information Technology

Information Technology
Meeting the many learning needs of our software customers.

Financial Services
MacLaren Group Financial Services
Financial Services
Providing resource and credibility for superior results.
Retail Services
MacLaren Group Retail Services
Retail Training Solutions
Custom end-to-end solutions, available via our learning platforms.
Operations Consultants
MacLaren Group Consulting Services
Operations Consulting
Bringing our training and business focus to help support you needs.

MacLaren Group Training    Our Markets
         Meeting The Many Learning Needs In Each Sector

We specialize in meeting the many learning needs of our customers. We can relate to your needs, since our consultants come from the software industry, as well as the financial and retail sectors.

We bring a diversity of experience and knowledge to your project. Whether retail or financial, sales or risk management, we have the resources and credibility to meet your needs.

MacLaren has become a leading provider of retail training solutions. For example, Triversity Inc. has outsourced all client training to MacLaren, covering POS, CRM and Loss Prevention systems.

When we create solutions, we are not basing them on only theory. We are


taking what we've learned in your industry and applying it to your customized training solution.

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