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         Four Integrated Approach Heightens Performance

Behavior change from stand alone training events tends to be only 10-20%. The objective should be much higher. First, we need to ensure we are treating the root cause, not just the symptoms. Second, we need to ensure the culture is reinforcing the appropriate message at each step. Third, we need to ensure the new lessons learned can be applied in the work place, and lastly, measure the success of the participants to ensure that lessons covered are implemented.

Our four-step methodology ensures that your customized training program is more than an event - it's a business solution with consistent results.

Assessment: Functional needs and peoples' ability to meet them are mapped out or assessed. Where necessary, competency models are developed. At times, diagnostic assessments or tests are used.
Training/Learning: Interactive training activities take place that tie the learning into the participants' workplace and personal needs.
Skills Transference: Often overlooked, this step should be regarded as the most critical. We provide proven custom tools and activities to ensure skills transference. What was taught in the "classroom" makes it back to the workplace, where it is effectively practiced.
Evaluations: Measure whether the training has stuck and check that it is being implemented within the work environment. This procedure can range from simple tests to certification programs.


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