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Canada's 2nd largest financial institution was experiencing lower performance than the industry according to their losses in their consumer lending portfolio. The MacLaren Group was retained to develop a Retail Banking Curriculum. The challenge was determining who needed what training, and then implementing it quickly and effectively to the 5,000 lenders spread across the country. Blending learning with a series of self-study materials, workshops and a diagnostic assessment/certification exam proved to be the answer.

Banco Popular
Puerto Rico's largest financial institution came to MacLaren when they needed an overhaul of their Commercial Banking training. The establishment of competency models and new curriculums for several job positions was the result. In addition, MacLaren implemented the initial Customer Relationship Management program - customizing and facilitating the program for all the bank's lenders. The Coaching program that was designed and delivered to Management who then implemented the Skill Transference devices built for them by MacLaren. These tools provided Banco Popular with quantifiable measurement of the program's success.


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