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Information Technology
Meeting the many learning needs of our software customers.

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Financial Services
Providing resource and credibility for superior results.
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Retail Training Solutions
Custom end-to-end solutions, available via our learning platforms.
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Operations Consulting
Bringing our training and business focus to help support you needs.

MacLaren Group Training    MacLaren Transforms Training
        Turnkey Solutions Improve Customer Results

Here at MacLaren, we fit every client with a training solution that suits their particular needs.

Spending money on training should be like finding the right key that unlocks the door. The curriculum material has to be right. The fit has to be perfect. The right key opens doors to appropriate solutions.

That's why we specialize in creating and

delivering customized learning solutions. We open doors for you and your people.

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  Our Approach


The MacLaren Group Inc. Turning Training Events Into Business Solutions

Our four-step methodology ensures that your customized training program is more than an event - it's a business solution with consistent results.

The MacLaren Group Inc.

MacLaren team members have hands-on experience in each of the industries we serve, including technology, financial services, retail and consulting.

We can monitor the effectiveness of the process both along the way and when the training is completed.

We will work with you to ensure your policies, reward strategies, and change management pieces are all reinforced and integrated with the desired solutions.

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